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Teenage Engineering :: PO-35 Speak Vocal Synthesizer





The Teenage Engineering PO-35 Speak is a vocal synthesizer designed to provide easy and creative sound creation, sampling, and sequencing for vocalists, producers, beat makers, and sound designers in studio sessions or on the go. Record up to 120 seconds’ worth of samples via the built-in microphone or 3.5mm stereo input jack to any of the fifteen slots. The sixteenth slot is reserved for the integrated single-channel version of the PO-32 Tonic. Utilize the sixteen-step sequencer and sixteen patterns to program your samples into a beat or melody, then choose from eight available voice characters and eight effects for additional manipulation.

Monitor through the built-in speaker or connect the 3.5mm stereo audio output to a mixer or headphones. The audio I/O can also be used for jam syncing multiple Pocket Operators and backing up, restoring, and transferring sound and pattern data. Load sounds from your Microtonic software (available separately) or use the integrated clock and alarm clock to expand creative possibilities. The instrument is powered via two AAA batteries (available separately) for mobile convenience, and a foldout stand enables both hands to be used for more efficient operation.


  • 120 Seconds of Sample Memory
  • Built-In Microphone for Recording
  • 8 Voice Characters and 8 Effects
  • Transpose and Scale Change
  • 16-Step Sequencer with 16 Patterns
  • Integrated 1-Channel PO-32 Tonic
  • Built-In Speaker and 3.5mm Audio I/O
  • Jam Sync with Audio Through
  • Easy Data Backup, Restore, and Transfer
  • Powered via Two AAA Batteries


Key Features at a Glance
  • Vocal synthesizer and sequencer with 120 seconds of sample memory
  • Eight voice characters
  • Record samples via built-in microphone or 3.5mm input
  • Unlimited sounds via Microtonic standalone app or plug-in (both available separately)
  • Onboard sequencer
  • Parameter locks
  • Built-in speaker
  • Data transfer via audio I/O
  • 3.5mm audio I/O
  • Jam-sync function
  • Animated LCD display
  • Folding stand
  • Breakaway lock tab
  • Clock and alarm clock
  • Powered via two AAA batteries (available separately)
  • Battery life up to one month
  • Standby time up to two years


Voice Characters
  • Neutral
  • Autotune
  • Retro
  • Noise
  • Robot
  • Fifth
  • Vocoder
  • Synth


Onboard FX
  • Stutter sweep
  • Trance gate
  • Half rate
  • 16 bar build-up
  • 6/8 quantize
  • Retrigger pattern
  • Reverse
  • No effect


Notable Controls
The PO-35 Speak affords you many controls, including:

  • Pitch
  • Morph
  • Transpose
  • Scale change
  • Volume
  • Swing
  • BPM
  • Copy pattern
  • Clear pattern
  • Chain pattern
Built-In PO-32
The PO-35 Speak comes with a single-channel version of the PO-32 Tonic. Hold the Sound button and press key 16 to access it.
Transfer Microtonic Sound to your Pocket Operator
Craft your own unique sounds in the Microtonic standalone app or VST/AU plug-in (both available separately) and send them wirelessly to the PO-35 Speak by means of its microphone or line input.
Lock Tab
Adding to the PO-35 Speak’s guerrilla mentality is a breakaway lock tab, which allows you to permanently protect all written patterns, restoring all tweaked parameters to locked settings any time you remove the unit’s batteries. This process is reversible by soldering the two pads located by the lock tab together.
Transfer Capability
You can transfer sound and pattern data directly between separate PO-35 Speaks using the 3.5mm line in/out connectors.
Backup Capability
Sound and pattern data can be stored to any recording device for saving and sharing. You can back up the data via the line out and restore data from a transmitting unit via the line in.
In the Box
teenage engineering PO-35 Speak Pocket Operator Vocal Synthesizer


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