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Welcome to Salcon electronics, your number one source for home and car audio solutions. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best of home/car             DIY audio amplifiers and drivers so you can create and experience the true worth of intelligent sound.

Our History

From the team of sound engineers and designers who have brought in the classic TAKARA car stereo and FM radio GANG modules to the Indian market back in 1983, Salcon has been constantly striving to develop professional grade DIY modules and drivers for all audiophiles, now shipping all over the world. 

With its humble roots set in a small basement in Old Delhi, a fresh out of college Mr. Rajesh Saluja was busy developing PCB slides for FM radio modules to fund his startup of what we now know as Salcon electronics. His moral code of providing the utmost quality for customer satisfaction and achieving an excellency of sound has been the company’s moral fibre till date.

The Salcon shop is based in the heart of Old Delhi and now through our online platform we cater to all kinds of listeners around the globe. From students to artists in a recording studio, from tractor sound systems to high end luxury car audio needs, we are your source.

This is a place for the people, a Sound of The Nation.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re experiencing troubles in choosing an audio system for your new home or space, we got you covered. Our professional team will recommend you the right combinations of our handmade modules with the right sized and powered speakers to fit comfortably in your surroundings.
With the right amplifier, you can power a speaker designed to your aesthetic values.
You should choose us if you choose your taste over stock import because our ambition as designers is to connect with other designers to MANIFEST the sound of the nation.
We are the only company in the India making solid hand made loudspeakers using the same joinery craftsmanship as the finest furniture. Our team of engineers and designers encompass some of the Indias best in audio interfaces and loudspeaker design and analogue circuits.
The acoustic DNA of Salcon Sound Labs is very different from the usual technology. We went back to the movie theatre sound systems of the 1930’s, when the ultimate consideration was sound quality, not size, cost or convenience. Instead of reducing the size of your speakers and equipment, we want you to have the greatest possible enjoyment both musically and visually. Sound waves can’t be miniaturized, neither should your speakers or your pleasure in listening to them.
Music is an event, not a soundtrack.
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