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NEW 2.1 TOSHIBA 5200 | 1943 X6 DIY Amplifier Kit (2421A)


2421A 2.1 Amplifier (200+100 Watts)

amp / diy  kit



2421A 2.1 Amplifier

is a complete solution to your 100+100 (Stereo) + 100 Watt(mono) need. 

This amp is powered with original 5200|1943 Toshiba Transistors that have been renowned to give a crystal clear output. The bass filter is embedded in the amplifier and works extremely well with the I/O Module for all different kinds of inputs like bluetooth, aux, RCA and more!

This Amp is readily available as a DIY KIT should you choose to construct your own amp and (maybe even add a few mods of your own !)

Comes in a steel frame chassis with inlet access cuts for regulated cooling so you can enjoy your sound system non-stop. Amplifier module used has an embedded heatsink as well.


SO, What are you waiting for? make this experience yours now!


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