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1 Player Mini Arcade Game Machine 2200-in-1

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The 1 Player Mini Arcade Game Machine was developed in house by Salcon Electronics to provide the much forgotten but golden era of arcade gaming and the joy of going out just to play games in video game parlours. The Mini Arcade Game Machine is fashioned keeping the 21st century peeps in mind, the arcade is super portable and handy with 60cm at its highest point and 40cm in length. It’s nicely compatible with any small spaces since its design is non intrusive and people waiting in cafes, bars etc can pass their time easily with the arcade. It is super fun and has a hint of nostalgia with fresh never ending titles. Single player arcade means that your time spent waiting for a friend isn’t just spent sitting idly on your phone but going retro in a super fun way.
The Arcade Machine is made with solid hardwood so that hardcore players who like to move and groove with the game don’t have any trouble with the stability of the mini arcade. The Mini Arcade Machine houses more than 2000 games with at least 50 different varieties of  Classics like Street Fighter, Mario, BomberMan etc. The arcade also has rare Japanese titles like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that we are sure you haven’t played or heard anywhere before. It has games from Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, Atari, Namco and many more you’ll tire yourself but the games would still keep on coming. The arcade comes with Android Compatibility so that you can plug your phones for any content watching and the controls are sourced from highest quality manufacturer for the best hands on experience.
Specifications :
10.1 Inch LED Display
More than 2000 games
Single Player handheld Joystick and push buttons
Android Compatibility
Plug & Play
Dimensions : 40cm x 30 cm x 60cm
Weight : 8 kgs

The console comes in blank black colour so that the outer design can be customised in any vinyl of your choice.


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